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Hide and Seek

BRIX: Accelerated Program Prep

Fall 2023

10/9/2023 ~ 12/9/2023

Grades 3~5


This course will cover the cognitive (NNAT/CogAT) and academic skill 

(ie: IOWA/SBA) tests to prepare students for accelerated program testing. The course will cover all topics covered on the tests - verbal, reading comprehension, nonverbal, quantitative/math). Students will gain exposure to the question types, learn problem-solving approaches, and practice test taking skills. The course will prepare students to be at least 1 year ahead of their current grade, and work them towards being 2 years ahead to better guarantee success on the tests. In the first few classes, a greater proportion of class time will be dedicated to vocabulary and nonverbal preparation, and as students gain a solid foundation a greater proportion will be shifted to reading comprehension and other skills. Everything learned in class will be tested and reviewed on test days, ensuring that students have a chance to apply what was learned during class days. 


10 week program, 20 sessions, 2 hours/session

Class Day: learn and practice skills (vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal, nonverbal, quantitative) 

Test Day: solve timed practice problems of all sections + review class


Course Dates (tentative)

3rd grade: Monday & Saturday

4th grade: Tuesday & Saturday

5th grade: Wednesday & Saturday 


Contact us for more information. 

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