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Brix Academy was established and rooted from GeP Consulting firm which had been operated by Gena Park, professional consultant with over 12years of experience in charge of student’s college application process. Among the various fields of majors in the college application process, pre-medical/dental/pharmacy including professional schools have been specialty in the consulting process so strong academic performance has been a priority in both GPA and standardized tests. For the best outcome, we have thoroughly researched the best curriculum and the best teaching methods to establish our current system. Also, Brix continuously not only updates recent trends for both the college admission process and testing variation but also communicates with our students and parents individually for the best service.  


Our headquarters is located in Seoul, South Korea and our major clients are composed of approximately 30% from top boarding schools in the US, 50% from international and foreign schools in Korea and the remaining from Asian-American students flying from CA/NJ/MA to enhance their academic performance.


Since most of our instructors have their specialty subjects with teaching experience in our institution, we never arrange classes with inexperienced instructors. Thus, we have limited schedules to accommodate both our US and Korea institutions. We provided an estimated yearly schedule for the BRIX Bellevue program for both online and in person classes so that students and parents can plan their schedules ahead. Detailed schedules can be changed. 

You can find our courses in the program section such as SAT Prep. 

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