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SAT: Thanksgiving Program

BRIX Thanksgiving program is intensive SAT prep course to finalize the test score on December 3. 

We recommend this program for students who have already obtained SAT score over 650+ in verbal section.

Since high schools have different Thanksgiving break, please consult with us in advance.

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SAT Reading & Writing

Instructor: Annabell B. Lee

Brix Academy: Academic Director

Brix Consulting: Consultant

Emory University

BA International Studies


IB English A HL/GCSE English Lang & Lit 

Academic Literature & College Consulting 

7 years with Brix Academy & Consulting and in charge of curriculum development for Brix program (Both Bellevue & Seoul)



Instructor: Ryon Kwon

Brix Academy STEM Instructor 

University of Michigan Ann Arbor 

BS Applied Physics

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

MS Aerospace Engineering

AP Cal BC/IB Math AA HL/SAT Math/ACT Math 

AP Physics/A-level Physics/College Physics

8 years with Brix Academy and highly renowned professional instructor for improving student's performance in tests & gpa. 


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Coming Soon

To meet more students at Brix-Bellevue, new instructor will be soon joined from our headquarters.

SAT: Thanksgiving Program

10 days:
November 23 - December 2

SAT Reading & Writing

No School Days: 2pm-5pm (11/23-11/27)

SAT Math Clinic Class (3 days only through zoom)
11/28, 29, 30 (Mon/Tue/Wed) 7pm-9pm  



During the school days, students are expected to take SAT mock test for reading and writing section.

From 11/23 to 11/27, students are expected to take full SAT mock test including math section. 

Tuition and fee will be charged by enrolled-days.

Through the program, students will take 10 sets of mock exams to prepare December SAT test. 

15hrs class for SAT Reading & Writing 

6hrs class for SAT Math 

Additional Final mock exam on Friday (12/2) 

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