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Term 1: 6/26-7/21 (3-4weeks)

Book Club & Writing (G2-G6)


SAT Fundamentals (Online & In-Person)

Term 2: 7/17-8/25 (4-5weeks)

SAT Intermediate (Digital SAT Hybrid)/ Advanced 

Academic Literature & Evidence-Based R&W (G8-G9)

(ERW preparation for Digital SAT)

AP English Language & Composition

AP English Literature & Composition


Book Club & Writing Advanced Level (G6)

Literature, Language & Writing (G7/G8)

"What's different about Brix Summer Camp"

Enhanced speech and oral element

Creative craft and project

Focus on a different type of writing each week and learn different writing fundamentals

Final activities that are fun and require a culmination of the skills learned throughout the week

Fast-paced curriculum, beneficial for new students to quickly develop skills covered throughout the last year

Existing students can hone their skills they learned throughout the year

Wide variety of genres, to prepare students for upcoming school year

Covers poetry, short stories, articles, and novels to develop a strong literary foundation

Strong materials and accurate forms of test prep courses arms students for the best result 

Our programs always follow the recent trends of the education system


Book Club & Writing G2

Term 1: 6/26-7/21 (Weekly basis)

M-F 2pm-4pm 

No class on July 4th 

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Book Club & Writing G4

Term1: 6/26-7/21 (Weekly basis)

M-F 9am-12pm

No class on July 4th

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Term 1: 7/10-7/21 (Weekly basis)

M-F 4pm-5:30pm

No class on July 4th 

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Literature, Language & Writing G7/8

Term 2: 7/24-8/18 (Weekley basis)

M-F 9am-11am

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SAT Fundamentals

Term 1&2: 7/3-7/21 (3weeks)

2wks Online + 1wk In-person Hybrid


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SAT Advanced Prep

Term 2: 7/24-8/25 (5weeks)

MWF 10am-1pm

Final wk (8/21-8/25): M-F 5 days

Current SAT Course for Aug/Oct/Nov/Dec tests

Image by Yannick Pulver

AP English

Languge & Composition

Term 2: 7/24-8/18 (4weeks)

MWF 5pm-7pm

Teacher & Student

Book Club & Writing G3

Term 1: 6/26-7/21 (Weekly basis)

M-F 10am-1pm

No class on July 4th

Image by Hannah Olinger

Book Club & Writing G5&6

Term 1: 6/26-7/21 (Weekly basis)

M-F 3pm-6pm

No class on July 4th

Several Open Books

Book Club & Writing G6 (Advance)

Term 2: 7/24-8/18 (Weekley basis)

M-F 11am-1pm

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Term 2: 7/24-8/25 (5weeks) 


Image by Justin Case

SAT Intermediate Prep

Term 2: 7/24-8/25 (5weeks)

M-F 2pm-5pm

Current SAT + Digital SAT Hybrid

Image by Kelly Brito

Academic Literature & ERW G8/G9 

Digital SAT Foundation

Term 2: 7/18-8/19 (Weekley basis)

T/TH/S 10am-1pm

Image by Jaredd Craig

AP English

Literature & Composition

Term 2: 7/25-8/19 (4-5weeks)

T/TH/S 5pm-7pm


Course Description: This course will prepare students for the CogAT test. The course will use a wide range of both print and online material to guide students to achieve high results on the tests as they will solve problems and learn important skills and tips necessary for each section every day. Each day will be focused on one part of the test (verbal, quantatative, non-verbal). Students will build a strong vocabulary base to prepare for the verbal battery to assist them with all three sections - classification, sentence completion, and analogies. Students will also learn how to identify the relationships between words an ideas within sentences and practice the various types of analogies they will be tested on. For the quantatitive battery, students will learn how to identify patterns, make connections, and solve questions efficiently - all skills that are necessary for the number analogies, series, and puzzles. Students will also do the same for the non-verbal battery and will learn helpful tips and solve problems for the figure matrices, figure classification, and paper folding.


Course Description: This 5 week intensive SSAT course will prepare students for the upcoming 2023 tests in October, November and December. Students will build up a strong vocabulary base through memorization and problem solving while developing crucial skills necessary for the verbal section. Student will also read various text types and learn how to read the passages well, build active reading habits, and efficiently choose the correct answers. After building the foundations of reading and vocabulary using real test questions, the class will move onto more intensive problem solving. Students will complete approximately 10 -15 full practice tests throughout the course of the 5weeks.

Academic Literature + ERW [8-9]
Preparation for Digital SAT

Course Description: This academic prep course will cover literature and writing along with SAT fundamentals to not only prepare them for the rigors of upper-level English reading and writing but also build reading and grammar fundamentals necessary for testing. While reading a wide array of literature (novel, short story, poetry) throughout the week, students will analyze texts for language, themes, and characters and learn to express their thoughts and analyses into academic writing. Additionally, students will learn the basics of SAT Reading and Writing. Students will gain knowledge on reading the different passage types and develop skills such as identifying arguments, purpose, making inferences, and distinguishing fact vs opinions. Furthermore, students will do an in-depth study of the 13 grammar rules necessary for the SAT writing section. Students will gain important fundamentals and practice with real tests to work towards a great SAT score.

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